When selecting the appropriate pre-finished or unfinished wood floor, stairs treads, and/or risers for your new project, the appropriate research should be done. Most specifically, is the product tongue and groove, end match, solid, laminate …  what kind of finish is on the product and what is the warranty? At Gifford, we pride ourselves in being the industry experts, and we have answers to all your questions regarding flooring products.


At Gifford Wood Floors, we specialize in the installation of all types of wood flooring, including pre-finished floors. Pre-finished floors are sanded, stained, and finished during the manufacturing process, which cuts back on installation time, cleanup, and imperfections in the finish. With the laboratory-like conditions in the factory, the end result is as close to perfection as possible.


With an unfinished floor, the planks are installed bare, nailed in place, then are sanded and finished once the boards are down. While this process may take longer, it does offer other benefits. With site-finished flooring comes a universe of customizable finishing options not available in pre-finished flooring.

Custom Finish

Every wood floor is a custom designed work of art, whether it is installed in your home, workplace or retail store. It is a personal statement that every architect or interior designer agrees is the most impactful element of your overall vision. The craftsman who brings it to fruition combines hard, time consuming, labor with the artistic eye to make it a work of lasting beauty.

Ken Downs Sr. ….. Gifford, Wood Floors….. Senior Superintendent Retired…..  (Over 40 years of experience in the wood floor industry.)


It is important to apply proper care to your floor to maintain its integrity and extend its life. Keeping your floor clean is your first line of defense. We have access to a huge line of specially formulated products to deep clean and protect your new floors.